Young Ensemble Stuttgart

The work of Junges Ensemble Stuttgart (JES) is based on three pillars: the professional ensemble, the department of theatre pedagogy and the international focus, well represented in the biennale festival “Schöne Aussicht” (Bright view), where several national & international productions are presented and where theatre makers from all over Europe gather and discuss in an inspiring atmosphere.

In the repertoire of JES you can find productions for children and young people starting with the age of two, shows from youth-clubs of the pedagogy department as well as guest performances.

JES has a small permanent cast of currently five actors. Additionally, JES works with a varying number of guest actors.

We take our audience seriously, no matter what age. We aim to move and to touch them alike; to challenge them without overwhelming; to entertain them without making fun (of them); to mirror their everyday reality without simply affirming them; to encourage them for changes and transformations. And all this with the essential power of theatre, the narration and performance of exciting stories and characters.